Tesla vs. Zero

Drag race at St. Peter Ording airfield

Race between a Tesla 3 and a Zero SR/F: The motorradtest.de team has two top-class electric vehicles compete against each other at the Sankt Peter Ording airfield. And not only that, there are also several combustion bikes at the start! Who gets the crown on the eighth mile: Zero or Tesla or another machine? Enjoy the video.

Many thanks and Uwe and Peter from the airfield Sankt Peter Ording, without whom this video would not have been possible: https://www.flugplatz-st-peter-ording.de. Many thanks also to Bernd and Joachim from Tecius & Reimers for participating and lending the Zero's and the Yamaha TMAX 560. And of course thanks to MadMax and his Tesla. You guys are all great!

Video content
00:00 - Introduction
04:50 - Modalities - Race procedure
07:22 - Group Stage - Group 1 Race
08:37 - Group 2 race
09:42 - Results of the group stage
11:32 - Semi-finals
12:49 - Bonus race: Vespa Ciao vs. Dietmar
13:10 - Preparations for the final
14:25 - Final Zero vs. Tesla
21:28 - Final whistle