New: Motorcycle Configurator

14 questions on the way to the right bike

With our motorcycle configurator, even beginners can find the machines that suit them. Instead of technical information, easy-to-understand questions are asked and the answers are used to compile the bikes that are suitable for the user. Of course, the available budget is also taken into account and the results of the matching motorcycles can be sorted according to various criteria.

This is how the motorcycle configurator works
Our bike configurator for your dream motorcycle is largely self-explanatory. You only need to answer the question, which you can answer. For many questions, multiple selections are possible, so that the result list of the matching bikes is not too much restricted. You can answer question by question one by one, but you can also jump back and correct an answer. Below the questionnaire, the matching motorcycles are displayed as a list and updated after each step. The more questions you answer, the smaller the number of suitable bikes. Ideally, at the end - i.e. according to question 14 - only a few machines are left. They should then fit exactly to you and your requirements.

You will be surprised, because ...
... In the end, there will probably be motorcycles in the list that you haven't even thought of yet. And that's exactly the purpose of our motorcycle configurator: We want to show you the right one for you from all bikes. Maybe in the end you don't even decide on a model of the brands that were previously in your head. Let yourself be surprised - have fun!