New: Ducati DesertX Discovery

DesertX Discovery: Unlimited Adventure

Neu: Ducati DesertX DiscoveryPhotos: Ducati
With the new DesertX Discovery, every adventure becomes an unforgettable memory.
Thanks to an extensive range of standard equipment, it enables exciting adventures on and off the road. The DesertX Discovery has been designed and equipped to offer unprecedented versatility. It is the ideal choice for those looking for touring agility and off-road character.

The reinforced handguards, engine and water pump guards, grille and reinforced oil pan guards protect the motorcycle from damage on the most demanding routes. The heated handles and a larger windscreen increase comfort in low temperatures, while the center stand provides extra stability and makes it easier to access luggage during stops. The aluminium cases with a total capacity of 76 litres make every adventure possible.

From off-road trips to discover unspoiled beauty to the wildest explorations through remote areas, get inspired by all the travel adventures aboard the DesertX.