Mothballing a motorcycle for the winter break - what bikers should consider at the end of the season

Unfortunately, the motorcycle season is already over. What should you consider as a biker at the end of the season? We were at Motorrad Ruser ( and let Frank Wollenberg show us how to mothball your motorcycle correctly and what you should do when the bike goes into the winter break.

Wheel gloss to preserve the bike:
Motor System Cleaner:
Chain spray:
Chain cleaner:
Motorcycle Cooling Water Antifreeze:
Breathable tarpaulin:

1. Clean and dry
2. Change oil and oil filter
3. Chain care
4. Remove the battery or connect the charger
5. Tyre pressure plus 0.5 bar
6. Move motorcycle
7. Fill up steel tank
8. Fill in the engine additive (motor system cleaner)
9. Carburettor: Empty float chamber
10. Check cooling water antifreeze
11. Preserve vehicle with wheel gloss
12. Cover motorcycle with breathable tarpaulin