Revival Cycles presents new Custom Bike

"The Revival Birdcage"

Second Custom Bike around the prototype of a new BMW Motorrad boxer engine unveiled. Production vehicle for the Cruiser segment will be presented in 2020.

Photos: BMW Revival Cycles' American motorcycle customizers unveiled their latest creation on Thursday night, April 11, 2019. The unique vehicle called "The Revival Birdcage" was created around the prototype of a completely new BMW boxer engine. The unveiling took place at the exclusive Revival Party on the eve of the annual Handbuilt Show in Austin, Texas.

image"The "Revival Birdcage" has simply become great and puts our big boxer in the spotlight," says Timo Resch, Head of Sales and Marketing BMW Motorrad. "After the "Departed" by CUSTOM WORKS ZON, this is already the second fascinating custom bike built around the prototype of the BMW Motorrad Big-Boxer. In the first half of 2019, we will also present a concept bike with this drive developed by BMW Motorrad. And already in 2020, BMW Motorrad will present a production vehicle with the big boxer for the Cruiser segment."
"We admire the work of Revival, which has become one of the most noteworthy US customizers on the scene over the past few years," says Timo Resch on the Handbuilt Show. "Of course, we want to continue to grow strongly, especially here in the American market. We will certainly benefit from the entry into the Cruiser segment. BMW Motorrad is thus consistently continuing its growth strategy with the clear goal of becoming the number one in the premium big bike segment worldwide."
imageThe frame of the "Revival Birdcage" is made of titanium and was developed by Revival Cycles itself. "We've never developed a titanium frame before, and that alone has been very challenging," says Alan Stulberg, head of Revival Cycles. "But in the end it worked well and we are very satisfied with the result. We wanted to focus on the engine and that's exactly what we did through the self-developed titanium frame: you can see the engine and the drive very well from anywhere." In addition, almost all parts of the bike, such as handlebars, footrests, shift levers, bench, various chassis components and fasteners, were manufactured individually.

The team led by Alan Stulberg was inspired by Ernst Henne's record machines of the late 1920s and 1930s. The development of the vehicle concept took just under six months. "We've been dreaming about this bike for years, in December 2018 we got the engine and were finally able to get started," says Alan Stulberg. "I've always been a fan of the Boxer Engine, but the sheer physical size and aesthetics of this prototype makes you dream right away." Within just under five months, the bike was completed on time for the Handbuilt Show.

There has already been much speculation on the ground about the large-volume prototype engine. Both the outer geometry and the visible elements, such as .B. the push rods running above the cylinders in chrome-plated protective tubes, are reminiscent of the design of the BMW Motorrad boxer engines from the 1960s – only with significantly larger displacement and modern air-oil cooling.

Already in December 2018 ( reported about this) the Japanese motorcycle forge CUSTOM WORKS ZON presented the "Departed" at the Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama, Japan. This fascinating custom bike was the first vehicle to be built around the prototype of the new BMW Big-Boxer. This spectacular build-up has already garnered a lot of recognition on the scene and even won the "Best of Show Motorcycle" Award, the highest award of the Hot Rod Custom Show in 2018. The "Mooneyes Show", as it is also called in the scene, attracts around 15,000 viewers a year and is considered one of the most important shows in the Customizer calendar.