BMW Motorrad goes on tour in Germany

Fascination Motorcycling as an event for the whole family

Anyone who has ever wanted to know what exactly the fascination of motorcycling really is, can experience this up close as part of "BMW Motorrad on Tour": BMW Motorrad will go on tour through more than 30 German cities in Germany in 2019. Depending on the station, visitors can expect one of the three programs Truck & Show, Truck & Ride or Ultimate Ride as part of BMW Motorrad on Tour, which differ in scope and sequence. With the BMW Motorrad Truck and a range of motorcycles on display, the Truck & Show format shows the range that the world of BMW Motorrad can offer. Truck & Ride offers visitors a comprehensive opportunity to experience BMW Motorrad in all facets with the BMW Motorrad Truck and a fleet of up to 28 exhibitors and test drive two-wheelers. At Format Ultimate Ride, with a fleet of 28 bikes, the focus is on extensive testing and information.

In addition, depending on the aligning BMW Motorrad partner, other activities complement the event. Whether free screwdriver courses, spectacular stunt shows, exciting lectures or even a kids' course – one thing is guaranteed: BMW Motorrad on Tour is always fun for the whole family.

The linchpin of the Truck & Show and Truck & Ride formats is the 16.5 metre long BMW Motorrad Truck. His trailer is a mobile showroom that gives an insight into every facet of the BMW Motorrad product world. It not only hosts the latest exhibitor vehicles and BMW Motorrad accessories, but also invites you to extensive gasoline talks with its roof terrace. If you already have a driving licence, you are cordially invited to take a look at the current BMW Motorrad model range with a non-binding test drive. With the help of the trained tour guides, the interested parties learn about the machines on selected routes. The guides are also competent to answer all questions about the motorcycle. A short product presentation before each trip conveys the most important features and ensures the correct handling of the vehicles and the group while driving.

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