Vespa GTS 125 in the test

Driving report Test of the current scooter bestseller from Italy

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Vespa GTS 125 - that's how scooters work!

The Vespa GTS 125 is a classic scooter from Piaggio that has been on the market since 2003 and is still very popular. We were able to take a close look at the classic during an extensive test drive. In this short driving report, I talk about my experience with the Vespa GTS 125, including its performance, handling, comfort and safety features.

In the registration statistics of the year 2022, Vespa occupies places two, three and four among all motorized two-wheelers. Even more often, only the BMW R 1250 GS was sold and after the Vespas, the Kawasaki Z900 comes in fifth. In other words: In Germany, scooter is more or less synonymous with the Vespa brand, at least in terms of sales.

We were able to test drive the Vespa GTS 125 Super at Moto Italia . There is the 125cc in black as a demonstrator, but there are also plenty of other demonstration vehicles from Piaggio, Moto Guzzi and Aprilia. The GTS is also available as a 300 cc variant, then with 24 hp. The 125cc shown here has less than 15 hp and is therefore already drivable with the B196 driver's license. Except for the more powerful engine, the Vespa GTS 300 is identical to the GTS 125.


There are four variants of the GTS, but they differ almost only visually from each other. In contrast to the other models, the "SuperTech" model comes with a TFT colour display and can be paired via smartphone via the MIA app. The "GTS 125 Super" model we drive, on the other hand, has an analog LCD cockpit with on-board computer and the most necessary displays. All models have Keyless Go, automatic start-stop and anti-slip control (ASR) as well as full LED lighting equipment.

The Vespa GTS 125 is equipped with a liquid-cooled 125cc four-stroke engine that delivers 14 hp at 8,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 12 Nm at 6,750 rpm. This means that the Vespa GTS 125 has solid performance for a 125cc machine, sufficient for city traffic and short distances. The engine is with an average consumption of only 2.4 liters per 100 kilometers. Very economical. The range with one tank of fuel is about 350 kilometers.

The Vespa GTS 125 has good handling, despite the small 12 inch wheels front and rear. The handling is quite stable for a scooter, but those switching from motorcycles will find the ride rather wobbly. The brakes (220 mm single disc brakes front and rear) are effective and ensure good deceleration incl. ABS. The scooter has good balance and manoeuvrability, which makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces or when overtaking. It is therefore an ideal city scooter, which does not pose any major problems even for novice drivers. Of course, you should not expect rocket performance from a 125cc scooter, but it accelerates quickly thanks to its low weight of only 147 kg. At the traffic lights you leave pretty much all cars, if you want to...

Test: Vespa GTS 125 Super

The driving comfort of the Vespa GTS 125 is good, with a comfortable seat and enough space for the driver and passenger. The scooter has good suspension, which cushions bumps on the road and makes the driving experience comfortable. The front suspension has been revised on the 2023 model, stereo struts still work at the rear, which are adjustable in the preload. As usual with scooters, the Vespa GTS 125 also has a centrifugal clutch and an automatic transmission. Sit down and drive off is the motto and the whole thing feels like in a go-kart at the fair - wonderful!

Overall, the Vespa GTS 125 is a solid scooter that offers good performance, handling, comfort and safety features. The scooter is ideal for city traffic and short distances, and its classic Vespa look is an added plus. It has a four-year warranty and can be equipped with various accessories on request. These include a top case, wind shields in various sizes and even a sports exhaust can be ordered.

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