Show me your Bike!

We want to see your motorcycles ...

Moin, moin, dear motorcyclists. We want to get to know your motorcycles!
"Show me your Bike!" - the name says it all. We would like to know which bikes you ride like this and turn them into a small user hands-on game. Just send us 3 to 5 pictures of your machine to the e-mail address The team will select the five most beautiful bikes and then present them in a video.
Then it's your turn: From these five bikes, the entire community can then choose the winner with a YouTube survey. When the voting takes place and how it works, we will explain to you in the video in which we present you our pre-selection. That will be the case at the end of May.
So, join us and send us some nice photos of your machine. And please do not steal any photos from the Internet, it must already be your bike. The machine does not have to be new, specially pimped or anything else. Everything is allowed. If you like your machine, then that's enough to participate. The user whose bike makes the race at the end, of course, also gets a small gift from us. Participation is therefore worthwhile. And now: Here with your photos, we are already excited like a flickering bow.