After the winter break

Get the bike back on track


Soon the motorcycle season begins. When it gets warmer outside and the number of hours of sunshine increases, there is nothing better for many motorcycle fans than to set off on a bike towards spring. Before the first tour, however, your own motorcycle should be thoroughly checked and serviced. Caramba, a specialist in cleaning and care, reveals what bikers should look out for when cleaning spring.

PHOTO: Caramba

Removing traces of winter

In the first step, dust and residues of the winter preservatives are attached to the collar. Here, a motorcycle cleaner is suitable for the thorough and gentle cleaning of all surfaces. Dried dirt is wetted by a special concentrate and can then be removed with a strong water jet or sponge. Motorcycle paint care is available for particularly sensitive paint. It cleans, polishes and protects the paint for weeks.

Check the battery and chain

The battery should also be examined. The following applies: Check the liquid level before and after charging and, if necessary, fill it with distilled water. If the battery was removed during the winter, it is also recommended to treat the poles with battery pole grease.

The drive chain also needs special attention. It should be cleaned well, as should the sprocket and sprocket. For the cleaning of this very stressed element there is a motorcycle chain cleaner, whose solvent was specially developed for the removal of greases and dirt on the drive chain. After cleaning, the chain should be lubricated before the first tour in spring. White or transparent motorcycle chain spray is available for this purpose. Both products are fully synthetic lubricants and are equally suitable for 0, X and Z rings. Thanks to their good flow and mesh properties, the means advance to any point in seconds and provide effective lubrication. Those who check the chain tension, liquid levels and tyres can soon set off for the first tour of the year.


Fresh fragrance for the helmet

Long motorcycle tours are sweaty. This is felt primarily by the helmet. In addition to dirt, an unpleasant smell can result. With a dermatologically tested helmet pad cleaner you beat two flies with one flap. The material-gentle power foam penetrates deep into the upholstery, removes even the most stubborn dirt and refreshes the paint. It also gives the inner workings of the helmet a fresh fragrance.

The helmet eventually becomes a shiny headdress with the visor and helmet cleaner. It effortlessly removes all common dirt, insect residues, dust particles, greasy residues and pollen and effectively protects the treated areas from fogging.

More information about the Caramba cleaning and care products for the motorcycle X-Line can be found here.