Harley-Davidson LiveWire ELW

It's now or never

Factory Group sells the last Harley-Davidson LiveWire bikes

imagePhoto: Harley-Factory Frankfurt
It goes off like Schmidt's cat: About three seconds are enough for the Harley-Davidson LiveWire from a standing start for the sprint to 60 mph (96.56 km / h) and on winding terrain, the first electrically powered motorcycle of a mass production manufacturer surprises with a driving dynamics that is second to none.

After the spin-off of the electric division by the US manufacturer, the last LiveWire bikes, whose tank is emblazoned with the brand name Harley-Davidson, are now available in Germany – and they also come up with a number of goodies. Their price of € 29,990 includes one of five add-on packages worth up to € 5,000.

These include the Electric package, which includes a snappy Serial 1 e-bike as an encore, the Finance package with super attractive terms to finance the LiveWire, the Riding Position and Tire package with different seat and handlebars as well as different tires, the P&A partner package for another of the customer's Harley and the sound and styling package. The latter offers a crisply short rear end and stylish mini turn signals and, as a special feature, a sound module that makes the LiveWire sound like a combustion engine at the driver's request, depending on the load and speed. There are ten different sounds to choose from in the app.

No matter which variant is chosen: This machine is an exclusive collector's item. But it would be a shame to just put it in the living room, because it shines with all the classic values of a real Harley-Davidson LiveWire: Always, everywhere and in every situation, its electric motor pushes it forward as directly as vehemently. Brembo stoppers and a whole arsenal of assistance systems capture them absolutely safely, the range according to WMTC is 158 kilometers and a refueling takes only 60 minutes via a fast charger. Harley-Davidson offers a four-year warranty on the machine, a five-year warranty on the primary battery and a one-year mobility warranty.

If you want to strike now, you should hurry, because the contingent is limited and exclusively available at the Harley-Factory Frankfurt and its sister companies in Hanover, Wiesbaden and Wetzlar. Further information can be found under www.factorygroup.de.