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The Motorcycling Association Germany would like to stress once again that, contrary to many reports and rumours to the contrary, neither the Euro 4 emission level will be extended beyond the planned end to 31 December 2020 nor will the introduction of the Euro 5 be postponed until 1 January 2021.

Discussions were triggered by the European Commission's Covid-19 action. However, this one-off scheme only applies to serial motorcycles and scooters for which an exemption permit for registration may be applied for by the manufacturer or licence holder from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority beyond the date of the new year for a limited stock of Euro 4 storage vehicles.

For every Euro-4 production vehicle that is still to be registered from 1 January 2021, such a permit for an expiring series must therefore be obtained from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, otherwise approval via the usual registration process will no longer be possible.

Anyone who has bought a new Euro 4 vehicle as a private customer this year and has not yet registered it should either make an effort to obtain timely registration by the end of the year, or at least ask the registration authority responsible for him how to deal with the delayed registration request there in individual cases.

Under normal circumstances, the vehicle manufacturer will no longer apply for an exemption for vehicles already sold by the end of this year, especially since it does not know the status of the vehicle or the owner's plans. With the transfer of ownership to the customer, the responsibility for the timely approval also changes.