BRIXTON Crossfire500 vs. ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan

Comparison of the two A2 exotics

We compare the BRIXTON Crossfire500 with the ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan and show you the advantages and disadvantages of these two A2 motorcycles. Which bike can do what better and for whom is the BRIXTON Crossfire500 or the ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan suitable?

00:00 - Introduction
02:23 - ENGINE: Single cylinder vs. two-cylinder
04:16 - PURPOSE: Adventure vs. Naked
06:07 - Ergonomics & dimensions of the BRIXTON Crossfire500
07:31 - Ergonomics & dimensions of the ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan
08:34 - Cockpit, controls and lighting of the ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan
10:45 - Cockpit, controls and lighting of the BRIXTON Crossfire500
13:09 - Technical data in comparison: engine, chassis, brakes
14:36 - Our opinion on the BRIXTON Crossfire500 - Pros & Cons
20:59 - Our opinion on the ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan - Pros & Cons
24:45 - Personal conclusion